The Oldest Mavericks Fans Gear Up For Tomorrow's Parade UPDATED

Sure, it was cute when you dressed your little purse-dog in a mini Dirk shirt, but pets aren't the only non-human fans celebrating the team's NBA championship. Take a look at how the prehistoric Mavs enthusiasts at the Museum of Nature and Science are showing their support for their favorite team. These dressed-up dinos, part of the Chinasaurs exhibit which runs through September 5, look pretty darn cute with their foam fingers and baseball caps.

If you thought you waited a long time for the Mavericks to win a championship, think of how these guys feel-- they've been waiting millions of years. To learn more about the Chinasaurs exhibit, read Jenny's post here. The Chinasaurs will also be having their own party tomorrow night, Beer & Bones, which you can read about over on City of Ate. After the jump, see more photos of the oldest Mavs fans.

UPDATE (June 16 10:28 a.m.): The Museum of Nature and Science are true Mavs fans, and they're keeping the dinosaurs dressed up in their gear today. We're sure your littlest Mavs fan wants to see the biggest Mavs fans after the parade.

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