The Omni Lights Get Hijacked On Wednesday: Here's Six Great Spots To Watch The Show

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You've waited a month for "Expanded Cinema," the Omni light hijacking project happening this Wednesday night, September 26. Fourteen Dallas video artists will replace the flashy building's normal visual programming with their own mad scientist inventions, starting at 8 p.m. You should see the show in the best available location. Here's a few things to consider when selecting your perfect vantage point.

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With the entire wrap-around exterior of the building being used simultaneously, you'll want to see as much of it as possible. That means putting distance between it and you. For a great view, you'll need to cross the river. Also, this show has a musical component. On Wednesday night you'll get the experiment in its entirety, with each artist's custom soundtrack playing live on KXT 91.7. That means you'll need a radio with speakers and solid reception.

Hey, don't furrow that brow. Here's a guide to conquering this thing.

Colorado and Jefferson Dallas Video Fest is having an officially unofficial viewing party in an empty field off of Colorado and Jefferson. There's limited parking, so carpooling is encouraged. Your headlights and conversation will interrupt folks once the program begins; it's better to arrive early. They suggest bringing: lawn chairs, flashlights and radios. Cocktail suggestion: The Motherboard -- Champagne with LED ice cubes.

The Belmont 901 Fort Worth Avenue Lounging poolside at the Belmont is a luxurious escape for any Wednesday evening, but adding on a view of an illuminated 198,807 square foot futuristic canvas adds an extra dose of plush. There's a bar, so that's covered. And thanks to a removed parking lot, you won't bother anyone if you roll in a little late. Although you will look strange walking in with a radio... Screw it: This is art. Get as strange as you like. Cocktail suggestion: Martini, or whatever makes you look the most seductive.

Hickory House Barbecue 600 S. Industrial Boulevard Dinner and a show? Maybe I will, thank you. This cheap little barbecue hold-out's got seating on the curb, so you can power-up your boom box, stare at the Omni and freak everyone else out while chomping down on inexpensive ribs. This is how art was meant to be experienced. Cocktail suggestion: A $2 beer.

Old Reunion Arena Location 777 Sports Street This perfect blend of old and new features plenty of room to park. Crank up your car radio and camp out with a picnic on the field. This was a suggestion from our staff photographers, who love this spot for its tremendous view of the Omni. You won't bother a soul. Cocktail suggestion: The super fan -- A stadium cup of Miller Light, with a little poured out for an old architectural friend.

Market Street/Houston Street Right near the old Reunion Arena, our photographers like this one because it's a little higher up. You'll get an elevated angle of all the action. What you'll need: a stereo and flashlight. Cocktail suggestion: Aviation -- Gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice, but served in a spill-proof tumbler.

The Levees, Between Houston and Jefferson Granted, this is strictly for adventurous types. A recommendation that was quickly rescinded by one photographer (he didn't want to be responsible if you... go missing), the levees along the west side provide one of Dallas' classic view points. Access can be "tricky," but if you're tricky you'll figure it out. You'll need good shoes, a solid sense of balance, a headlamp, a stereo and the will to survive. Cocktail suggestion: A camelbak full of the Trinity's finest. Pig's blood is loaded with vitamins.

Be safe out there. And if you're going to watch the program from your car, go ahead and pull over.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.