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Dallas' First Feminist Mural Unveiled in Victory Park

“The Power of You” is a collaboration between Boss Women Media founder Marty McDonald and artist Fransis Sermino.EXPAND
“The Power of You” is a collaboration between Boss Women Media founder Marty McDonald and artist Fransis Sermino.
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If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram in recent weeks, you may have seen pictures of people posing at “The Power of You,” a new female empowerment-themed mural in Victory Park. “The Power of You” is Dallas’ first feminist mural and is part of an initiative by Boss Women Media.

“The Power of You” is a collaboration between Boss Women Media founder Marty McDonald and artist Fransis Sermino. The pair first met in the corporate world, having previously worked together in brand management for large corporations.

“I’ve always felt that she’s super talented, super creative and has always stood apart from the crowd,” McDonald says of Sermino. “She actually created the Boss Women logo and has put her heart in the brand since the very beginning.”

Since its unveiling, “The Power of You” has been a hit on social media, with passersby striking poses, basking in their feminine energies and preserving their empowerment in the form of a still or GIF. Sermino, who painted the mural, has enjoyed seeing how people have interpreted it.

“The response has been great,” Sermino says. “Women see the mural and they understand the meaning of it. They tag us in their Instagram posts with their fists up. We saw one post of a woman doing push-ups in front of the mural. It means something different to everyone.”

Although the message of the mural has been interpreted differently by its beholders, Sermino and McDonald both hope that the mural helps women channel power from within.

“It’s not about women showing us their power; it’s about them being aware of their own power,” McDonald says. “The mural represents women who can showcase their power to themselves. They know that their inner energy reflects that power.”

From the early stages of creating the mural, Sermino knew she wanted to represent all kinds of women. She didn’t want the figure of the woman in the mural to be one of a conventional body type or of typical Western beauty standards.

“We wanted to be inclusive,” Sermino says. “You can see that the woman in the mural has a little bit more hip and a shorter hairstyle. We didn’t want to go with a traditional model-type figure because we wanted her to be representative of all body types.”

When Sermino and McDonald first approached Victory Park with the idea of a female empowerment-themed mural, Victory Park welcomed the idea with open arms.

“Victory Park was the place that wanted to embrace this new idea of female empowerment,” McDonald says. “It was the right place for us, because they understood the culture we are creating. It’s easy to work with people who understand and share the same vision.”

McDonald and Sermino close our interview offering advice to women, both old and young, to make their dreams reality.

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“Follow your passion,” Sermino says. “Think about what you really love to do and stick with that. Whether it’s helping others, being of service, or being a leader, find what you’re really passionate about, and that will take you to the end.”

McDonald adds on, emphasizing the importance of remaining tenacious, regardless of your stature or skill level.

“Consistency trumps talent every day of the week,” McDonald says. “You could be the most talented person in the room, but if you’re the laziest person in the room, no one cares.”

While “The Power of You” has become a hit in Dallas, McDonald and Sermino have no plans to stop here. Their goal is to bring empowering murals and artwork to various cities across the country in the coming years.

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