The President's Cupcakes

There is an elementary school tradition you may remember known as "Principal for a Day." A child takes on the role of principal, making important announcements such as "Don't forget to tuck in your shirt" and patrolling the hallways for incidents of out-of-class vagrancy. It's a cool gig for kids, but once you grow up and become an adult, there's no such thing as "ditching work" to be, well, the "President for a Day." But let's imagine for a moment if, indeed, there was such a thing: What would a lucky (or maybe not so lucky) civilian get to do? Talk about health care from atop a soapbox? Take a stab at peace in the Middle East? Wine and dine with Hillary Clinton? At the very least, the experience would make for a server-smashing live blog...or live tweet...whichever way you swing. But sorry Joe Schmo, because the closest you'll probably get to being president is by either taking your chance in 2012 or spending $80 to learn how to eat like a president from former White House chef Roland Mesnier. He'll be teaching a cooking class inspired by his experiences serving to please for the last five presidents. If your mouth isn't already watering at the mention of Hillary Clinton, look at the class menu: red wine sorbet with poached peaches and sabayon, papaya filled with lime mousse and raspberry sauce, and Boston cupcakes. The class takes place from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Central Market's Cooking School, 5750 E. Lovers Lane, and only permits 45 attendees. Reserve a seat by calling 214-361-5754.
Wed., Sept. 9, 6:30 p.m., 2009
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Alex Wolens