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The Real Housewives of Dallas Finale Sends LeeAnne Locken Into Anger Management

The Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 10, Season Finale Recap
"The Full Nelson"

It's been a journey. A journey of ups and downs and a whole lotta poop. Do-do. Shit. Let's reminisce, shall we?

We watched episode 1 with a friend to the Housewives.
The women lost their shit during episode 2.
The poop talk continued into episode 3.
Episode 4 gave us wine-throwing.
Then everyone got over it in episode 5.
Episode 6 involved dirty text messages.
Then Heidi Dillon came and saved us all in episode 7.
But episode 8 was all about Travis Hollman.
And finally, death threats were thrown around in episode 9.

In episode 10, it all comes to a head when everyone gathers for the Hollman's Byron Nelson party, which, according to Housewife Stephanie Hollman, is "not a charity event. It's just a way for us to blow money out of our ass and get our friends really drunk for our entertainment. Who says you can't buy friends?!"

All the women arrive to Hollman's house on the golf course of the Four Seasons and there's a hangover of awkward tension from their trip to Austin. Everyone exchanges hugs and fake pleasantries before the frozen margaritas and tequila shots finally set in.

Marie Reyes is sitting and laughing with Hollman and Brandi Redmond. This pisses off Tiffany Hendra because she recently betrayed LeeAnne Locken by telling everyone about that shitting-in-a-bag story. Hendra summons Reyes to a meeting with her and Locken and tries to get her to confess to gossiping. That doesn't happen and from afar, Cary Deuber watches and decides to swoop in and act as recess referee and attack the playground bully herself.

"One minute you play the victim with your story and the next minute, you play the bully," Deuber tells Locken.

"My story is not a story," Locken fights back. "It's something I've lived through. Don't demean it."

And then it's all over. Nothing is resolved regarding Reyes and Locken. Or Deuber and Locken. Locken apologies to Redmond. All the women give us a kind of final update on their lives. The season finale acts like the end of a bad documentary you were forced to watch in health ed. The kind that warns you against excessive money and fame. The film pauses on each woman and presents text telling us Locken entered anger management counseling, Deuber vacationed, and so on. And of course, Redmond gave us one last poop joke to really bookend the entire season.

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