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The S.C.A.B. Progressive Dinner Looks Much More Delicious Than It Sounds

Throwing the words "S.C.A.B." and "dinner" together takes some serious balls. They aren't excellent bedfellows, in the traditional sense. But this Sunday you'll opt to feign from free association to take part in an old fashioned progressive supper, hosted by some of Dallas' most interesting emerging art studios.

The S.C.A.B. Art Collective (Socialized Contemporary Artists Bureau) has been a force for nearly two years, uniting for some projects, and handling others as individuals, studios and galleries. This supper they're throwing is enticing for several reasons: It's a capping-off event for MAP (Make Art With Purpose), and an opportunity to purchase one of the social-enviro-oriented endeavor's beautiful new catalogs before anyone else. But it's also an updated throwback event, channeling a time when neighbors ventured into each other's homes for food, conversation and a little show-and-tell.

Each of the three rounds -- preliminary, entree and dessert -- gets served up at a different live/work or work/show space. The artists behind those locations (THAT THAT, Homeland Security, and the shared Union/Pariah Productions residence) are doing all kinds of cool shit, like touring you through their private collections, flipping switches on new light and video art installations and providing a look at budding projects by S.C.A.B. artists in a group showcase. Plus, all is served alongside free range chatter concerning the DIY art community, and what it's roles and responsibilities are within a larger creative context.

MOST IMPORTANT: The food looks delicious. Considering all three courses have been created by Garden Cafe's Mark Wootton, who's also whipping up the goods that night, you can trust that this dinner will be much more delicious than the progressive suppers of your youth. No runny casseroles or terrible vacation slideshows here.

Let's look at the line-up, food and participating artists. It runs from 5 to 8 p.m. and you can buy your tickets here.

The evening begins at THAT THAT in Expo Park, where you'll ditch your ride and hop a charter bus over to the Cedars.

Course One: HOMELAND SECURITY A show of Eli Walker and Kelly Kroener's permanent collection paired with a first course of Sautéed Collard Greens with Roasted Sweet Potato & Reduced Balsamic.

Foot stroll to the next location.

Course Two: The Union and Pariah Productions Here you'll find a sound and video based installation by Kyle Evans, hosted by Joshua von Ammon and Frank Darko. Pair that with an entree of either Braised Short Ribs on Cauliflower Purée with Bourbon Glazed Baby Carrots & Fried Spaghetti Squash OR FM1410's Wild 'Shrooms over Black Beans & Swiss Chard

Hop the bus back to Expo.

Course Three and Afterparty: THAT THAT A showcase of the most recent works from the members of SCAB curated by Samantha McCurdy and Alex DiJulio as well as a dessert of Panna Cotta with Berries

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