The Scariest Shark You Won't See During Shark Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and though many of you might disagree with that statement because it's ball-sweat hot (even my metaphorical balls are sweating), it really is the best time of the year because it's Shark Week. Shark Week! The one week of the year where it's totally acceptable to decline dinner invitations from handsome suitors and watch hours of shark-centric documentaries on the Discovery Channel, or at least that's what I'm telling myself this week.

Last night's Killer Sharks was pretty awesome, but I'm especially looking forward to Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg investigating sharks in the Bahamas in tomorrow night's Shark City special. The show examines how sharks interact and what scares them, but we think nothing could be quite as frightening to a shark than the Gary Busey shark.

Look, I love Gary, even when he annoyed the casts of Celebrity Rehab and The Apprentice and created stupid acronyms for words such as FUN (Finally Understanding Nothing), but I'll admit that a shark with Gary's chompers is scarier than a great white shark with a love for human flesh. Gary, I'm sorry, but those teeth are more intimidating than Mike Tyson's mouth of pain.

This photo comes courtesy of youmightfindyourself.com, where you can also find wonderful WTF moments like this "never-before-seen" commercial for Lunchables. Happy Wednesday, folks.

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