The Street Styles of 2012

I bring my camera everywhere with me, literally everywhere, and on occasion I'll spot somebody and think "that person put some thought into what they're wearing, I want to take their picture" -- it's called Street Style. It's not necessarily based on who is wearing the latest trends or who looks the most "expensive," rather, people who look interesting and appear confident in their ensemble. With that said, here is a list of some of my favorite Street Styles of 2012.

Pictured above: Name: Fred Holston Style influences: Anita Pallenberg, Brian Jones, Brian Eno, Keith Richards, a bunch of hot bitches from the '60s.

Name: Bethany Burke Style influences: Edie Sedgwick mixed with Stevie Nicks. I've been dressing pretty dark lately. I like dead things a lot, my look is "dark '70s."


Name: Sarah Cole Style influences: Tumblr fashion icons.


Name: Tom (In bands: X-Ray Eyeballs and Food Stamps) Style influences: My friends, places I live, especially New Jersey and Brooklyn. Also, comfort.


Name: Desiree Griffith Style influences: I do a lot of different things, it depends on my mood, on the weekends I like to relax, right now I'm [dressed] pretty chill.

(From left to right)

Name: Maleni Soto Style influences: I'm broke, so thrifting and making it work.

Name: Carmina Tiscareno Style influences: Bloggers and mixing girly pieces with grungy pieces, having a balance of girly and edgy.

Name: Deontahvius Apollo Ford Style influences: The '90s hip-hop scene, Grace Jones and Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element.

Name: Patricia Tiscareno Style influences: Block colors and Kesha.


Name: Heather Williams Style influences: Stevie Nicks and Deborah Harry.


Name: Elaine Sun Style influences: I like simple things, and having fun with [my style].


Name: Yung Jake Style influences: Toy stores.


Name: Alexana Segura Style influences: Japanese culture and pastel goths.

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