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The Texas Theatre is Hosting a Woody Allen Look-Alike Contest Before Screening Annie Hall

Movies are pretty fun in general, but the Texas Theatre never fails to inexplicably improve upon an already-winning model. Last night they announced a "Woody and Diane Look-Alike Contest" to hype Friday's night's screening of the 1977 classic Annie Hall, on 35 mm. Considered Allen's magnum opus, the film controversially beat out Star Wars for the Best Picture Oscar, and also brought home Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress. The Texas Theatre screening begins at 9, but you're invited to come early at 7:30 for the costume contest. Grand prize gets a free membership or membership renewal.

We suggest tweed. And ties. And thick-framed glasses.

We also suggest trying out one of the Texas Theatre's special Annie Hall cocktails. We're not entirely sure what the bartenders have up their sleeves, so we've put in a line and will let you know if we can get some details on the inspired drink list.

Updated: The neurotic (in a good way) cocktails include: The Woody Manhattan Oak Cliff White Wine Liquid Valium shot

If you can't make the contest, you can still catch the screening at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, 9 on Saturday or 5 on Sunday.

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