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The Texas Theatre Will Screen "Dark Side of the Rainbow," the Floyd-Oz Mashup, on August 24

Known for its unexpected music/film mashups, it seems all-too-fitting that the Texas Theatre would round out the summer with its just-announced "Dark Side of the Rainbow" screening on August 24. If you somehow missed this party in college, here's your chance.

We're assuming that everyone discovered the alleged phenomenon when it emerged as one of the earliest intertube legends/myths back in 1997, but the gist is this: when played concurrently, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz sync up in mind-blowingly eerie ways.

A writer named Helen Kennedy recorded the first known analysis for the Daily News 15 years ago, writing that "the lyrics and music join in cosmic synch with the action, forming dozens upon dozens of startling coincidences the kind that make you go 'Oh wow, man' even if you haven't been near a bong in 20 years."

Kennedy's article spurred a host of sites during the nascent days of the internet's mainstream popularity, and the Wayback Machine is your ticket to Al-Gore-era nostalgia no less "uncanny" than The Dark Side of the Rainbow's purported cosmic creepiness.

Of course there were conspiracy theories questioning the band's intentionality, which Floyd quickly and adamantly denied and which engineer Alan Parsons said was "complete eyewash," concluding that "if you play any record with the sound turned down on the TV, you'll find things that work." And if you want to see the epitome of DSR skeptics, here's the consummate bullshit call out.

But that doesn't make it any less fun. Especially when it is hosted by one of the city's most bad ass theatres and shown as it is meant to be screened -- "in glorious 35mm while listening to the classic psych-rock opus."

This event just hit the web, so times are TBD. Keep checking the Texas Theatre's website and Facebook page for more details.

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Brentney Hamilton