The Top 10 Awesome Things to Do This Week

The Observer is out today and it's jam-packed with juicy events -- enough to keep you moving all week long! Here are some highlights for must-do activities:

Thursday, January 26 What To Wear: This free happy hour fashion show's got everything from snacks and cocktails to giveaways and celebrity hosts.

Check out the opening reception for Seeking Infinity at the Mercantile Coffee House Thursday evening from 6 to 7:30. It features a mash-up of found and forgotten curiosities reworked into a lovely mixed-media smorgasbord.

Friday, January 27 Shake off the work week with a little comedy. We've got everyone's favorite annoyed ranter, Lewis Black, at the Bass Performance Hall, and Sordid Lives author Del Shores at the Rose Room.

Saturday, January 28 Winter can get tedious. It's not the weather, it's all of the clothes you have to wear. Not today at Top Golf, it's their annual Suits and Boots event -- you'll trade that jacket in for a swimsuit and snow boots. (Don't worry, there are heaters and giant drinks to keep you warm.)

Take two days this weekend and celebrate modern Roman warriors at the Roller Derby Governer's Cup. These girls are an aggressive celebration of athletics meets pure entertainment and they are whipping around the track for a chance at the title. Go support at Fair Park on Saturday, Sunday or both.

This one didn't make our print edition, but only because we've been pumping it online. The First Dallas Modern Home Tour is happening this weekend and the photos have kept Mixmaster daydreaming for weeks. See Dallas' secret glorious feats of mid-century modern architecture (and while you're at it, peek in the medicine cabinets).

Sunday, January 29 Jeff Ross is in town and ready to roast! The comedian's comedian haunts the House of Blues on Sunday, and remember: He only roasts the ones he loves.

Kevin Kautzman's award-winning play Coyote opens at the Magnolia Lounge in Fair Park this weekend. It follows two minutemen as they patrol a stretch of the Mexico Arizona boarder, but it's much more than just that. Coyote examines our Nation's struggle with identity, profiling, and what constitutes true courage.

On Wednesday, February 1 check out Bicycle Dreams at Studio Movie Grill. Mid-week movie-going is the ultimate luxury and one that you've earned, so don't feel lazy guilt when you watch Bicycle Dreams, a documentary that tracks overachieving (fine, motivated) cyclists as they race across America in 10 days or less.

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