The Trailer Park Boys (and Hopefully Conky) Are Coming to Town Next February

The Canadian comedy trio known as the Trailer Park Boys are something of an anomaly in my pop culture family. My brother and I became absolutely obsessed with the drug dealing antics of Nova Scotia's most famous white trash as soon as we saw our first episode buried deep in Netflix's streaming service. My parents, however, have trouble getting over the fact that the boys live such desolate lives in pockets of bliss.

Plus, they use more blue language than a drunken longshoreman.

Still, it's funny enough to keep our parents watching and even quoting it right along with us.

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (and hopefully Conky) are so popular that they've even come back from the dead countless times to record new seasons and specials for Canadian TV and Netflix after they swore they had done their last episode. Now that they still have a huge fanbase and a ninth season in the works, they are going on the road, and that includes a stop in Dallas.

The boys announced on their website that they will perform at the Majestic Theatre on Feb. 24 as part of their Still Drunk, High & Unemployed Tour. Tickets will go on sale this Friday.

So how exactly does a live version of a mockumentary show work? They have a fairly loose link to the actual shows. The last live special they did in Ireland was built around a forced "anti-drug talk" that turned into a drunken, live variety show. This time, according to the website, the boys are finally off parole after having done their community service in the previous season and trying to carve out new careers and schemes for themselves, such as Bubbles' attempt to break into the movie industry, Julian's next big idea to make a quick buck and Ricky's attempt to "change the world."

I just really hope Conky makes an appearance, and if you don't know who that is, I feel very sorry for you.

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