The Trailer Park Boys (Yes, the Actual Trailer Park Boys) Are Coming to Dallas

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, known together as the infamous Trailer Park Boys, are the best known criminal comedy group in the world. The heavily hairsprayed Ricky, the googly eyed Bubbles and the cocktail clutching Julian get recognized in all four hemispheres, an even more impressive feat for a show that started on a Canadian cable station back in 2001.

For the uninitiated, the documentary style show features the criminal exploits of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles and their squalid but happy, lower than lower class lives. Ricky, easily the dumbest of the three with brief moments of brilliance when faced with the threat of arrest, proudly deals dope and lives in a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker dubbed the "Shitmobile." The Swayze-esque Julian comes up with most of the schemes for the crew's various capers and criminal enterprises and has never been seen on camera without a drink in his hand. Bubbles is the heart of the group, loves kitties and has an impressive talent for music for a guy who spent most of his life living in wooden work sheds.

The characters that inhabit Sunnyvale Trailer Park have been in and out of each other's hair and in and out of jail for eight seasons going on nine thanks to Netflix, which brought back the show long after they swore they made their last episode. They've also produced three full-length movies, a bunch of TV and live specials and live stage shows including their latest stop in Dallas this Tuesday at The Majestic for their Still Drunk, High & Unemployed Tour.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to dive very far into the minds of their creators and real world counterparts Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith because Rick, Julian and Bubbles remain the true stars of the Trailer Park Boys universe. Wells, Tremblay and Smith aren't seen in public much outside of their Swearnet website. They prefer to let Ricky, Julian and Bubbles stand in the spotlight whether it's being interviewed on, say, television, the radio or an alternative newspaper.

The three have been touring almost as long as the show has been a cult hit, first in their homeland of Canada and eventually around the world as the show started to build a global audience through DVDs, syndication deals and the unethical wasteland of Internet bootlegs.

"I think it's fun," Bubbles says. "We get to go out on a tour and get to meet ladies. I like meeting different ladies in different cities."

"Plus we get to make some money, which is good," Julian says.

"Yeah and free dope, cigarettes and liquor," Ricky adds.

The live shows are a circus of organized chaos. The boys are usually scheduled to show up to complete a specific task that's usually court-ordered and the show explodes into curse-word strewn audience interactions as schemes backfire and plans go wildly out of control. Other characters also make appearances to screw with audiences like perpetually drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey and his shirtless companion Randy or Bubbles' puppet counterpart Conky.

This time, each of the boys seems to have their own agenda for what will go down at The Majestic.

"I'm going to be shooting a demo to get in a movie like an audition reel, possibly getting into a big budget ninja movie," Bubbles says. "That's what I'm going to be doing for this show. That's what the whole night is about."

"It's not just about Bubbles," Julian adds. "I'm going to be making some money. That's my goal. I'm going to be on stage trying to make a buck from the guests."

"And I've got an idea that's going to change the world and I want to talk to people about it," Ricky says.

The guys wouldn't confirm if anyone else would show up at The Majestic. So that probably means one or two of them will show up uninvited.

"There's no way Randy's coming on this one," Bubbles says.

"We think we're far enough away that we don't have to worry about these guys," Julian said.

The boys seem oddly comfortable with their fame and any residuals or paychecks from it has yet to pull them out of the trailer park.

"Netflix has been awesome," Bubbles says. "We've played shows all over the world down in Australia, New Zealand and all over the UK. They're even talking about bringing us to Asia and places like Taiwan and China. It's going to be fantastic."

Swearnet, the production company and all swearing online network that also covers the boys' exploits, also looked after them during their time in jail at the end of the last season.

"The camera guys came right to the jail and you can see all that stuff on Swearnet," Bubbles says. "They are way nicer than the other dicks that used to come with the cameras."

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles may be giving law enforcement video evidence of their capers but they seem more comfortable with the camera and especially with the crowds who have elevated them to their cult status.

"Just talking to people all over the world, they say, 'You know what? I grew up with a guy just like Ricky or just like Bubbles'" Julian says. "So I guess people just relate to us in some way."

"I think people can learn a lot from us," Ricky said. "Our lives are simple. We don't need a lot of money. We look after each other. We're like a big family and we're not afraid to tell people to fuck off, which I think everyone needs to tell people that more often."

Tickets for Tuesday night's show are available at ticketmaster.com.

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