The Upcoming Missoni for Target Line Has Us Reminiscing Over Past Designer/Target Faves

Fashion and finance seem irrevocably linked as, over the decades, economists have theorized about a hemline index (they rise as stocks go up), a lipstick index (sales increase as the economy withers), and even a men's underwear index that says dudes only stop buying new boxers when the economy is in the direst of straits.

So what does it mean when we crave a fashion brand whose signature design (zigzags) resembles our recently volatile stock market? Dunno. But we'll ponder it fully as we shop the Missoni for Target collection, set to launch on September 13.

The blogosphere is all atwitter over this massive (and massively colorful) collection - the largest designer collaboration by Target, according to Vogue, with more than 400 items.

Since we haven't seen the full collection yet, it's hard to say what will be our favorite item, though the Missoni bike, with its full-on zigzags and baby blue tires, is pretty high on the list. Some might say the collection is repetitive (yeah, that's a whole lot of zigzags), but so far, we just can't get enough - rolling luggage, quilts, scarves, dishes, we want it all.

Of course, this is not the first designer collaboration for Target: Past luminaries include Anna Sui, Alice Temperley, Alexander McQueen and many more. There were also offerings from Zac Posen, Tracy Feith, Rodarte and others, as part of the GO International emerging designer program, Handbag and jewelry designers have thrown their discount offerings into the ring too, with collections from Gryson, Jovovich-Hawk (part of GO), Erickson Beamon, Subversive, and others.

While all of these collections have had struggles in translating high fashion to mass-market appeal without sacrificing too much quality, there have been a few pieces that we loved to love - especially at price points of (generally) less than $100.

Browse our favorite designer-for-Target looks after the jump.

1. Alexander McQueen Pink Tiger Dress: OK, we're realizing we have a zigzag addiction.

2. John Paul Bustier Top With Shrug: Retro sexy.

3. Mulberry Black Patent Satchel: The pink leopard was a little too Betsey Johnson for our tastes, but the black patent was just right.

4. Erickson Beamon Cuff: Because if you're wearing costume jewelry, why choose a dinky zirconium on a chain? We want something that says, "I'm faux rich, bitch."

5. Stella McCartney Frame Clutch: Yes, I know this is cheating because this collection (just like McCartney's 2007 collab) was only available in Australia. But there's always the secondary market...

And when H&M finally opens at NorthPark Thursday, we'll have even more designer-discount fabulousness to look forward to (though we regret missing Comme des Garcons and Lanvin). Maybe they'll get around to doing that Bottega Veneta collection that was everyone got jazzed about, even though it was only a rumor. Please?

How about you - what designer-discounter collabs have you loved, hated, or hoped for?

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