The Weirdest Valentine's Gifts on Dallas Craigslist, #20-11

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If you're buying your Valentine's Day gifts for your loved ones off of Craigslist, then you may not be doing it right. However, if you're selling things on Craigslist, you might be able to see why you would try to tie said crap you are flogging to the upcoming capitalist festival of love and happiness. Today, we count down from number 20 to number 11 on our list of ridiculous things we found on Dallas Craigslist.

A quick perusal of Dallas Craigslist reveals a veritable cornucopia of utter rubbish that you could purchase for the special person in your life, if you so desired. Whether they would talk to you or not afterward is another matter. Click on any image to enlarge it.


#20 - A Clean Dog (Top of Page)

It doesn't matter that there's no picture. It just matters that you have an anonymous person's assurance that it's clean.


#19 - Empty Elvis Chocolates

It's collectable, apparently, but it's a candy box with no candy. On Valentine's Day.


18 - Mint Condition Raisins

The guy raisin has one eye, and the girl raisin has two terrifying eyes. $5, though. A bargain.


17 - $5 Used Fondue Set

You've got to admit, we're finding some bargains for the thrifty Valentine's hunter.


16 - A Very Silly Snake, For $40

You shouldn't buy your girlfriend an 8-foot pink snake if you don't want it to ... highlight your deficiencies.


15. A Dented 2000 Sonata

$40 to drive between Dallas and Arlington for TWO WEEKS?! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY BEAUTIFUL


14. Happy Valentine's Day! You're Fat!

Dear partner -- Lose weight fast! I love you!


13. A $15 Belly Dancing Outfit

I'm not sure this sends out the right signals about where your relationship stands.


12. What?

Quirky is right, Mr. Ordered Too Many Chocolate Livers.


11. A Wallpapered Box for Hunting Deer

Nothing says "I love you" like a really shoddy box you can sit in for hours waiting for deer, which won't arrive because the only place this box is camouflaged is my gran's house.

Come back tomorrow for #10-1, if you dare.

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