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There Are 63 Horses in Frisco, Prancing For Your Horse Loving Pleasure

It's Wednesday night in Frisco, and I'm standing inside a giant, white, big-top tent, double fisting champagne before seeing what was described to me as "Game of Thrones" meets "Cirque du Soleil" with 63 horses. As it turns out, Odysseo by Cavalia is nothing like "Game of Thrones," and only a little bit like the nearly ubiquitous acrobatic show. But they aren't lying about those 63 horses.

If you never relinquished a childhood love for horses, you're raising an equestrian obsessive kiddo, or you're new to town and made the mistake of moving to the suburbs and find yourself hopelessly bored in a town of lonelyhearts, this is the show for you. It's got all the ingredients necessary to keep your wild heart from being broken: those 63 horses we mentioned, sexy athletic acrobat guys and gals, live music and booze.

There's not much in the way of story in Odysseo. The closest thing to narrative you'll come by is the huge backdrop and the lighting, meant to replicate the most beautiful places in the world, from mountain landscapes, to the Northern Lights to the African Savannah.

Really, it's just a series of performances, each with a different tone. There's the one woman, six horses, serene, foresty, horses-are-beautiful-animals scene. There's the two dozen or so people riding the same number of horses in circles, because-horses-are-exciting scene. There's the humans doing amazing tricks on a rotating carousel because this show is really about how amazing humans are scene. And there's fill up the arena stage with water and have a pretty woman on a pretty horse prance through it because Cavalia shows are over-the-top and totally awesome spectacles scene. These scenes plus a few more, and a live band with a French vocalist, comprise the show's two and a half hours.

Oh, and there are 63 freaking horses.

Odysseo by Cavalia stays in Frisco outside the Dr. Pepper Ballpark through Feb. 8. Tickets will run you $29.50-$149.50. More at

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