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There's A Free, Rooftop Screening of Spaceballs, Tonight! Plus, this Rad Cake.

They say a few important works of cinema and literature thread generations together. I agree, as long as we're all talking about Spaceballs, Mel Brooks' 1987 intergalactic opus.

Our buddies at Sundown at Granada also appreciate groundbreaking films about air-depleted planets, Dark Helmets, Mawgs and C3PO knock-off chastity androids, so we've paired up to screen the thing tonight, at 9 p.m. on their gorgeous rooftop.

Together we consulted with Yogurt, who suggested we do more than simply flip on a projector, so we're going 'balls deep with a night of contests and boozing. (Plus, you'll want to photobomb this absolutely righteous Dark Helmet cake.)

It's So Lovely That You're Coming. Here's What You Can Win The Diorama Contest winner scores a $500 prize pack, which is loaded up with Platinum Mavs tickets, passes to album release parties for The O's and Ishi, Granada gear, and free entry for Father John Misty and the Black Angels. Whoever shows up in the best Spaceballs costume (I'll just be an Asshole), gets more game show worthy gifts. And finally, the coolest award of all goes to the winner of our coveted Best Helmet Contest: a month of free shows at the Granada.

The bar opens at 7 p.m., there's pizza for sale, and the cake will go faster than air on Planet Spaceball, so get there early. Check out the Granada's awesome posters here.

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Jamie Laughlin
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