There's a Rogue Globetrotter in Town: Our Favorite 'Trotter Pranks

Is any group more loved than the Harlem Globetrotters? I don't think so. These guys have double-dribbled joy to all over the world, and today team member Special K Daley is in town enchanting lucky kids at a couple of Dallas schools. Teachers, look out: your personal belongings will likely be subject to an inspired game of keep away by afternoon. Since we, the over-worked adults of Dallas cannot skip math class to see a Globetrotter perform in a gymnasium, let's watch a few clips of the team's best hijinx.

Here's an amazing kick shot by Curly Boo Johnson.

This one starts with signature goof ball mischief but ends with an amazing three-point hook shot.

This is too long to actually hold your attention, but it's a fun throwback clip.

This kid isn't a Globetrotter, yet. He's awesome though.

This background music gets a little raw (There's cursing, FYI), but there's also some great 'Trotter moments.

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