There's a Star Wars/Star Trek-themed USO Benefit at a Piano Bar Friday, and Chewie Will Be There

Could Captain Kirk kick Han Solo's ass? Is Spock more wise and knowledgeable than C-3PO? Phasers or light sabers? Would you rather spend a romantic evening with Android Andrea or Princess Leia? Who possesses more power, Kahn or Emperor Palpatine?

Some of these important questions may be boozily discussed at Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Arlington on Friday, as a sci-fi themed USO benefit show takes over. Be warned, though, the road ahead may be a nerdy one.

The Starfleet USO Show will be a unique event. It will attempt to peacefully bring together two geek crowds that are as different as the Millennium Falcon and the Starship Enterprise for the benefit of American Veterans.

The show is hosted by the U.S.S. Navras, a group of local Trekkies, and Louie Louie's, with special guests from the 501st Legion. The dueling piano bar plans to play galactic-themed music from both universes and serve geek themed drinks like Romulan Ale, Klingon Bloodwine, Saurian Brandy, and much, much more.

Also in attendance will be stars of the different shows. Peter Mayhew, who played "Chewbacca," will sign autographs and pose for photographs. Other stars participating in photo ops and autographs include: Anne Lockhart (BattleStar Galactica, Starship Troopers), Cinthia Freeling (Hardware Wars), and Purrkayla, who is described as a convention personality, and is totally, utterly and completely dressed and made up like a tiger cat. I would pay the donation fee to see that alone.

The night promises to be a lighthearted celebration of nerd-dom and beloved universes of various sci-fi shows. The benefit is a noble one. The proceeds will go to the DFW USO and will provide food and comfort for veterans travelling through DFW airport. The doors open at 7 p.m. and autographs will be given until 10. To get in, a donation of $5 is required at the door. Louie Louie's is located at 298 Lincoln Square, Arlington, TX, and you can call (817) 274-7464 for more information.

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