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These Modern Dance Films Look Amazing.

The Modern Dance Festival begins today at the Modern in Fort Worth, and while all of its components look great, one of the biggest show-stoppers might be the Dance on Camera series. This weekend two films on street dancing are featured, "Check your Body at the Door" and "All the Ladies Say" round out the program. But here's the thing: it's next weekend's offerings that really floored me. Things get down right David Lynch-y in the three spooky/beautiful films, so let's watch the trailers and get a taste for what's to come.

"Labyrinth Within" Love is haunting in this short film where a pair of dancers push and pull one another through doorways and endlessly distant halls. Their relationship isn't to be trusted.

How about this mind-bender? In Coup de grâce two former acquaintances are now rivals and they've both arrived at this mansion. Over the span of a day they will duel out their differences, but rather than using weapons, they'll dance. It looks amazing.

I'm completely in love with this. "Sand" focuses on a father/son tap dancing duo who bond over the lost art of sand dancing.

This series is next Saturday, July 14 at the Modern in Fort Worth. The website says that admission is free, but I expect you'll have to pay regular museum entry. Honestly, you should do that anyway. The Modern is currently running that amazing Lucian Freud exhibition.

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