These beauts came to us by way of Houston from Mexico.
These beauts came to us by way of Houston from Mexico.
Discovery Green

These Statues Are All Over Dallas Right Now. No, They're Not Birdman.

A series of winged, masked men are all over Dallas. And no, they're not tardy promos for Birdman. They've popped up in Facebook and Instagram news feeds, captioned with varying degrees of creeped out and surprise, as they appeared with little to no explanation March 7.

They're part of a public art project called "Wings of the City" brought here by the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas and have popped up in the arts district, the Latino Cultural Center and Lee Park. According to sources, the Consulate was initially interested in keeping them proximate, but things didn't pan out with all the venues in the arts district. But, their final locations are so disparate it would take a bit of a trek to see them all in one viewing.

The nine sculptures by Mexican artist Jorge Marín came to us by way of Houston, where they were located in the downtown park, Discovery Green, and after they leave Dallas May 31, it looks like they might travel to Fort Worth. In the meantime, they make a compelling, albeit accidental, complement to the upcoming exhibition of painter John Alexander at Meadows Museum.

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