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This Frank Lopez Photo Makes Us Want to See Some Plays

Next weekend, the Bath House at White Rock is going to be all drama. But, don't worry - we're not talking Ewing-Barnes style histrionics. The Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT) is holding its 14th annual spree, beginning oh-so-fortuitously on July 14. Correction: beginning on Friday, July 13.

The photo above began circulating Facebook this week, and while FIT was already on our radars, this really caught our eye. It's the promotional pic for a play called "I Met You and I Screamed," written and directed by Justin Locklear, and debuting on July 21. Turns out, it's a shot by a fella named Frank Lopez, a 2011 Observer Mastermind whose ambrotypes and pinhole photos are just dreamy. You know, both aesthetically speaking (much of his work tends to look like haunting dreamscapes) and in the sense that his work is so remarkably good it makes us weak in the knees.

So, you want to know how to get people really excited for events? Put a Lopez on it.

(Well, it doesn't hurt to have a creative dream-team like Locklear and this cast: Stefan Gonzalez, Cassie Bann, Danielle Georgiou, Cyndie Mayfield-Dobbs, and Mitchell Parrack.)

For tickets, show previews and schedules, check out or Facebook.

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Brentney Hamilton