This Is the Good Kind of DOMA, We Promise

The period between Halloween and Thanksgiving can be a bleak spot in an otherwise holiday-laden season. Thankfully there’s still reason to be festive. The

Dallas Observer Music Awards

(don’t think about the initials) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is officially old enough to get drunk or rent a car hassle-free (just not in that order). For one November night the


is hosting more than 50 local bands across eight venues in Deep Ellum, including Club Dada, Three Links and Trees, covering more genres than you can think of (bring it, music nerds). Come sample the best talent the area has to offer in both musical ability and flair for memorable band names — Black James Franco, We’rewolf, Violent Squid, Sealion, Rhymin ’n’ Stealin. The first bands go on at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 on the day of. VIP tickets, which get you private bar access at Trees, parking pass, T-shirt and buffet access, are $34 in advance, $50 on the day of. Visit dallasobserver.com for more information and a full schedule.

Sat., Nov. 2, 2013

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