This Mariachi Band Is Having a Whale of a Time -- Get It?!

Sure, sure, overnight this video blew up on the Interwebs (and we thought people slept! Pshaw). Even Kristen Schaal tweeted it. But who gives a shit because it's that gross time known as "almost 9 a.m." and this is pretty much the best thing we've seen. In a while. For several reasons: 1. The song. Can't get enough of it. Could hear it all day. Actually, if you know what the song is, please comment and help us be happy. 2. Mariachi Connecticut exists. 3. That beluga is getting down. 4. It may have taken place during a wedding at Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium, but it appears to be a private concert just for Juno (the whale). 5. Did we mention the video is of a mariachi band serenading a whale? No? Because it is. It fucking is.

The YouTube comment left by Mariachi Connecticut guitarist Eduardo Rocha also adds to the attraction:

Hi there again, this is me Eduardo Rocha the Mariachi man who is playing the guitar in the video. I just want to say that Mr. "Juno" (that is his name) Beluga Whale heard us very clear because the tank is open at the top and also he splashed us pretty gentle !!!

Thanks a lot for watching this video.

You're welcome, Eduardo. In fact, we've already watched it -- well, we're not going to tell you how many times. Let's just say a lot and leave it at that.

h/t reddit.

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