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This Weekend Stay Home Alone at the Griswold Family Christmas

With more than 20 years of annual viewing, lines from Home Alone and Christmas Vacation have become part of my family's holidayspeak. Even the easily ignored lines like, "Buzz, your girlfriend, Woof!" or when Clark is wandering the supermarket with his brother-in-law Eddie says, "And Clark, make sure you get yourself something REAL nice!" They're holiday classics and they've become part of American culture. Which is why the only logical thing to do is make fun of them publicly.

As a holiday rendition of the series we launched with the Granada Theater and Dallas Comedy House this summer, Mockbusters is back. This Saturday, Granada screens a double feature of Home Alone and Christmas Vacation, and if you've had your fill of gut-busting laughs from Chevy Chase, the comedians from DCH will be live Tweeting their jokes during the movie.

The screening at the Granada Theater is free at 7 p.m. Saturday. Make sure you stuff your shitter full of jokes and bring your smart phone to join the Twitter roast. Because Aunt Grace, Fuller, and Uncle Eddie won't make fun of themselves.

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Lauren Smart
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