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This Week's Free & Cheap Culture Events

The sun is finally shining again, or at least we think it is. After two weeks of torrential rain, we all could probably use a little time outside of our respective apartments. Even if you’ve somehow managed to wade your way to the neighborhood bar, all that Netflix you’ve been watching for the past few weeks is rotting your brain, and you need to get out and get some damn culture before you turn into that guy from Idiocracy.

Fortunately, this week is an exciting one. Many of this week’s best free and cheap culture events prominently feature booze, which is always a plus, and they all provide an inexpensive opportunity to stretch your creative muscles after weeks of letting your brain rest with reruns of A Different World.

Pour Yourself Into History
Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
Tuesday, June 2
If you’re the type of nerd who likes to drink a little, you’ll love Deep Ellum Brewing’s partnership with the Dallas Historical Society. In the third installment of Pour Yourself Into History, the brewery will host a discussion of the history of Deep Ellum, including its very own historic building, which will undoubtedly be pretty damn compelling when you consider the history of this neighborhood. After the talk, you can indulge in the suds brewed on-site.

DSO Parks Concert
Kidd Springs Park
Wednesday, June 3
The only thing better than listening to the symphony is being able to do it outside, especially now that the sun is finally shining again. Wednesday, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will head to Kidd Springs Park for an evening of classical music, bouncehouses, and picnics from Bolsa Mercado. If you bike or take the DART to the performance, you could win a free 7-day pass on the DART from Bike Friendly Dallas. Face painting will be set up for kids, and there’s plenty of spaces for you to park your bike. In case you were wondering, you should probably ride your bike.

Drink & Draw Thursdays
The Basement Gallery
Thursday, June 4
Should you find yourself in need of both a cocktail and a muse like a real starving artist, scrounge up $10 and head to The Basement Gallery. You’ll have to bring your own art supplies and promise not to annoy the model, but the Gallery will provide free drinks, a live model, and plenty of inspiration. Maybe you’ll start your next great work, or maybe you’ll just get drunk on free booze. Either way, sounds like a solid time.

All-Star Karaoke
Dan’s Silverleaf
Friday, June 5
If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite local musicians’ karaoke jams are, you should probably head to Dan’s Silverleaf on Friday. Musicians from some of Dallas’ best local acts, including Midlake, Centromatic, and Ryan Thomas Becker, will do their best versions of “Proud Mary” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” all for the benefit of local arts organizations. For just $5 per song, you can impress everyone with your own rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Art Conspiracy: SKEWED
Life In Deep Ellum
Saturday, June 6
Art and charity are always good things, which is why Art Conspiracy has been one of the best thing about Dallas’ arts scene since its inception. This weekend, ArtCon plans to introduce Dallas to a brand new crop of artists at SKEWED, a live art auction of works that center around the theme of “skewing concepts and ideas.” As always, ArtCon is a great place to score good art on the cheap — pieces start at just $50 — while benefiting local arts non-profits. Even if you don’t buy anything, $10 is a great deal for an evening of good art and live music. 
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Amy McCarthy