If you live in Grand Prairie and are rudely awakened Saturday morning by what sounds like an earthquake or a crashing jetliner, don’t be afraid. That's just the sound of morons revving their motorcycle engines (They're trying to tell you how big their ding-dongs are). And these aren't your average garden-variety morons we're talking about. These guys are extra stupid, because they'll be riding Boss Hoss Cycles, the only V8 powered motorcycles currently in production. Available in 355 or 502 horsepower, these monster bikes are the perfect gift for the guy in your family who just checked yes in the box next to "donor" on his drivers' license application. So if you're 30 or over (and have a death wish), head on out to Texas Boss Hoss Cycles, 2125 W. Pioneer Pkwy, for demo rides. Call 972-660-8717 or visit
Sat., April 22
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Noah W. Bailey
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