Time To Pump (Clap) You Up

Sometimes we need a little motivation to stop binge-watching Star Trek on Netflix and engage in some relatively healthy behavior. Or at least give our futons the chance to breathe and fluff out the ass grooves left behind from said binge-watching. But if you still can’t muster the energy to work out yourself, you can at least go out and watch other people who have dedicated themselves to fitness. The Europa Games and Get Fit Expo are coming to the Dallas Convention Center (650 S. Griffin St.). Think Hunger Games for bodybuilders. There’s a wrestling championship, a tae kwon do championship, a karate championship and something called “Europa War Games.” But before you brush this off as something silly, you should realize there are thousands and thousands of dollars at stake here. The War Games alone have a prize of $20,000. Time to see what amazing feats the human body is capable of while praying in opposition of prolapses.
Sat., Aug. 17, 2013
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Luke Darby
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