Tonight, Dallas Comes Together for a Night of Storytelling, Set on a Gorgeous Rooftop

I'm addicted to Oral Fixation, that clutch of storytellers who share their life confessions at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. You must be too, since their shows sell out in advance -- every, single, time. Tonight, we've whipped up a special evening with them and the Granada called "True Stories: Behind the Music," where you'll get an earful of authentic rock and roll tales, bolstered by backbeats. And since Granada's involved, things are getting ... experimental.

The first half of the evening (9 p.m., but get there much earlier if you'd like to sit), brings four music-based stories doled out by Oral Fixation's pros. Then local musicians and music writers, hand-picked by the Granada, will entertain you with flashbacks to tours and shows gone awry. Included in that run are true-life hallucinogenic confessions by our own Gavin Cleaver and a yet-to-be-admitted story by Observer music editor Kiernan Maletsky. Capping off the night, we'll read anonymous confessions that have been phoned in to the Granada's story hotline. All the while, the bar serves up $3 drafts and wells, keeping you enjoyably lubricated.

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It's free. The Observer and Granada are giving away prizes for audience members, and it's an opportunity to be part of the most interesting event happening in Dallas tonight. That's a promise. The auditory voyeurism and cheap drinks happen on the Sundown at Granada's decadent rooftop bar. Arrive early, or press awkwardly against a wall.

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