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Tonight on CMT, Texas Women Start Embarrassing Us

Here's what reality TV does: It takes the worst stereotypes about places and people and rolls them up into one big awful stereotype and then it makes a show about how "real" it is. Meet Texas Women, a new reality series premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on cable's CMT channel. It follows Ali Dee, Brooke Jeter, Hannah Helvey and Anna Hunt, four hard-drinkin', horse-ridin', woo-hooin' women.

We don't know if the show will be the Cowtown version of Jersey Shore, but there's a bar fight early on. Between two of the girls. And despite what the release below states, they aren't wearing gloves when the punching begins.

Debutantes, they ain't.

After the jump, see how CMT sells it:

These women aren't afraid to grab the bull by the horns. In CMT's new series Texas Women, premiering Thursday, July 14 at 9 p.m. CT, viewers get a peek inside the lives of four young, gorgeous and sassy women who work and play in the Lone Star State. Fort Worth, Texas, is the home of rodeo, barbeque, honky tonks and four women whose days are as wild as their nights. With Ali Dee, an aspiring country singer, Brooke Jeter, a professional barrel racer, Anna Hunt, a wild stock contractor, and Hannah Helvey, a dedicated party girl, they couldn't be more different. Yet these country divas combine forces to stir up trouble wherever they go. The series kicks off as Hannah and Anna become roommates, but quickly realize they are opposites in every way. The gloves come off - literally - as they end up in a physical altercation. The subsequent tension forces the other girls to pick sides, but in the end these southern belles get their priorities in order: they head to the bar, determined to move on as if nothing ever happened.

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