Tonight, Texas Theatre Lifts the Lid on The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

I'm still waiting on that POGS film...

Knowing that Pulitzer Prize winning author and cartoonist Art Spiegelman created the Garbage Pail Kids trading card series, makes their existence so much sweeter. Still, I can't help but imagine his reaction went he went to see The Garbage Pail Kids Movie world premiere with his stylish New Yorker, art editor wife. There was a red carpet, champagne bottles popping in synch with camera bulbs and Hollywood personalities, dressed in couture.

And then, they showed it.

A film which now shares a shallow grave with Howard the Duck.

I also wish I'd seen the look on the investors' faces as the realization sunk in: They blew 30 million dollars on creepy puppetry. It must have caused some tremendously wonderful scowls.

Still, was it as bad as we remember? Does this film carry a hope of ironic redemption in a post-Beta world? Unlikely, it's total garbage. And that's why it's the perfect candidate for a Tuesday Night Trash resurrection. Texas Theatre is going there this evening, and giving Windy Winston, Foul Phil, Messy Tessie and the rest the 35 mm treatment. Sniff this cinematic armpit stain at 9:15 p.m. -- It's only 6 bucks.

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