Tonight, Texas Theatre Reduces its Usual Millimeters for Cinema of Transgression. (Thus Opening Netherworld Portal)

Fans of punk, DIY, transgressive and avant-garde cinema, brace yourself: Tonight, ancient seals will be blown open as the millimeter offerings of Texas Theatre drop from a trustworthy 35 to 16 and even -- wait for it... Super 8.

A gambling pool has started regarding what, exactly, will happen when the projectors are swapped, but we suggest you stay calm: it's being done strictly for educational purposes.

Michael A. Morris guests curates this special June edition of Tuesday Night Trash, the monthly series of oddball one-offs. Morris takes a new, enlightened stab at the programming with a Cinema of Transgression tribute collection that includes George Kuchar's "Hold me While I'm Naked," (15 minutes, 16mm, 1966); Richard Kern's Lung Leg and Lydia Lunch project, "Submit to Me" (8 minutes, Super 8mm, 1986); Beth B and Scott B's "Letters to Dad," (11 minutes, 16mm, 1978); Jennifer Reeder's "White Trash Girl: The Devil Inside," (8 min, Super 8mm and Hi8 Video. 1995); and finally, one from the man who waged an insider turf war against underground filmmaking, Nick Zedd, with "Police State," (18 minutes, 16mm, 1987).

The program is free, mildly raunchy, and starts at 9 p.m.

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