Tonight's Free Rooftop Movie: Almost Famous

These Wednesday night movies have become a Dallas phenomenon, which makes sense, if you consider it. We're a city of movie lovers, patio lovers and night owls. Also, we're cheapskates.

Whip together all of those ingredients and add on an invite to the Sundown at Granada's gorgeous rooftop patio, and you understand why folks sit on each others laps to conserve space. Tonight we'll cuddle tight to watch Cameron Crowe's take on teenage rock 'n' roll journalism in Almost Famous. You'll see Kate Hudson, pre-rom com destiny. Zooey Deschanel, pre-singing career. And Philip Seymour Hoffman as a not-as-angry-as-you-thought-he'd-be, Lester Bangs.

The Dallas Film Society flips the projector at 8 p.m., but these things get packed, so arrive early if you want a proper seat. (The real pros bring their own.) There's only two movies left after tonight, so enjoy it now, before winter shuts us down. Now, will somebody please turn up the Elton John?

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