Tonight's Free Rooftop Movie: Sid and Nancy

Sex. Love. Dope. Violence. Rock 'n' roll. Gary Oldman.

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spugen set the bar for dysfunction in punk rock coupling. Their violence drove their passion. Their daily diet of heroin didn't help the matter. Still, there's something charming about that love story. Not fictitious film romance, "Rocky and Adrian" charming, but endearing in a way that we don't assign to future rock couples.

You'll never hear someone say "God, I just adored Courtney and Kurt."

It's in their explosive union that director Alex Cox finds his narrative anchor. It's in their loss of connection with the world that we see passion and addiction's ability to alienate. Plus, there's that bitchin' soundtrack. Sid and Nancy is sordid and tough, a romantic assault and battery, and tonight we, and the Dallas Film Society, will be bold and show the film for free at the Sundown at Granada's beautiful rooftop.

The film begins at 8 p.m., and is part of a weekly series running through November 21. Enjoy these beautiful fall nights with us and enjoy cheap prices on Stella.

Next week's special Halloween film is Lost Boys.

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