Tonight's Free Rooftop Movie: The Big Lebowski

You've got to wonder if the Cohen brothers were able to predict the pop-culture trajectory of The Big Lebowski. It's spawned a

nationally touring tribute festival

, created a new generation of white Russian drunkards and even made the word "nihilist" trendy.

Plus, it's got everyone: John Goodman at his absolute best, Jeff Bridges at his absolute shaggiest and a relatively unskeevy Steve Buscemi as Donny, whose ashes will eventually be scattered ... somewhere. Hell, even Tara Reid was great in it, THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS MOVIE IS.

Quote along with us and the always wonderful Dallas Film Society tonight, when we all pack in and cuddle tight for another free Wednesday night movie on the Sundown at Granada's gorgeous rooftop. Bring a little blanket or theme it up with a bathrobe, then hunker down with a cocktail or three. Team Lebowski rolls at 8 p.m., but get there earlier for a better seat. We'll see you there, (just leave the extra toes at home).

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