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Top Five Snow-Related Movie Scenes That Have Absolutely Nothing to Do with Texas' Condition

We get it, OK? We live here too, and we know what's going on. We're not even going to mention what everyone keeps talking about.

So, by all means keep updating your Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter (and giving us reason to drink), but ask yourself this: Is your bitching going to change things? While we appreciate your pessimism because as everyone knows, misery loves company, just keep it down to a dull roar.

Let's try something different. Pull the blinds down, turn off the lights and immerse yourself in some bone-chilling movie scenes that will take you on a trip to a cold, slushy getaway. Here are our picks for the top five films, in no particular order, full of the iciest shit you've ever seen.

Reach for a sweater and a pair of gloves before seeing more after the jump.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Who doesn't love a movie with Steve Martin and John Candy? If you said "me," then you're an idiot. The scene with the two of them riding in the back of a pickup truck, while some cold wind kicks their ass as Martin says it feels like one degree outside is comedic gold.

Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carrey, before his sober days, (so, the best moments of his acting career) and Jeff Daniels prove that when you're a moron life is that much sweeter. By far the best scene of the movie is when Harry, Daniels' character, licks the pole. We are not responsible for any harm caused if you get your tongue stuck to the inside of your freezer after watching this.

Groundhog Day Bill Murray is by far one of the greatest actors, ever. In this movie, his character, Phil and Rita (Andie MacDowell) get in to an intense snowball battle with some kids. While it's usually not OK to hit children, we'll make an exception because right now cold balls thrown at one's face seems quite refreshing.

A Christmas Story

During Christmas season TNT seems to have an obsession with this movie. Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) and his brother Randy are getting ready to enjoy a day in some glorious white powder. Once outside, Randy gets shoved down and can't get up because he has too many clothes on. If I were Randy, I would bask in all that coldness.

Batman and Robin

Believe it or not, at one point Arnold Schwarzenegger did have blue balls. With his horrific role as Mr. Freeze, we're introduced to his impressive slippers and ice house of doom. Did you honestly think George Clooney wasn't going to kick some serious frost-bitten ass?

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