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Top Ten Alternative Dates for People Who Hate Dating

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Hi. My name is Jamie, and I hate dating. Mainly because it feels like I'm on a job interview for a position I'm 75% sure that I don't want. But instead of sitting in an office, you are at a restaurant where there are no portfolios to exchange or pens to tap, it's just two people awkwardly killing time until they either 1) make out, or 2) attempt an uncomfortable side hug and part ways. Since there's no skipping ahead to the point where two strangers feel comfortable together, why not change the format? Let's make dating fun and weird so that regardless of chemistry, both people have a blast and feel good about the time spent. Here are 10 great dates for people who want to fart on dinner and a movie.

The Anger Room Some of my guy friends say that this is a bad date idea, because they never want to see a girl violently release her anger. But what do they know? They're single too. The same reasons given for riding roller coasters as a means for triggering love should apply to the Anger Room, a secret rentable location, where people smash housewares with bats. You blast whatever music you like as you artfully destroy stuff. Your endorphins rise. Soon you're making out on a demolished early model ribbon printer. You're welcome.

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