Totally Cute

Rarely does one hear art revered for being "cute." It's refreshing in a sense. Think about it. How many times do you read a review of an art exhibition and find words such as "intense," "introspective," "profound" or "sensual"? Too damn many. So let's regard The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's Focus: Chinatsu Ban with the teen-like cuteness that its kawaii aesthetic demands. Oh my god! Chinatsu Ban is, like, sooooo awesome! Seriously! She paints these, like, sweet elephants in little underoos and stuff, and it's soooo cute! Like totally! Oh my god! Seriously! I'm, like, not joking. Her art's way cuter than that e-mail Steph sent with the picture of that cat in the basket—BASKET CASE!! Um, anyway, it’s cool...and cute. It's like Hello Kitty it's so awesome. Maybe they'll make a faceplate for my Razr that has a Chinatsu Ban elephant on it. That would be so...I dunno...cute! Check it out at the Modern, 3200 Darnell St., Sunday through January 28. And I assure you, not only is the art cute, but it also has undercurrents of sex and stuff in it too. All in all, it's actually pretty intense and sensual. Call 1-866-824-5566 or visit
Dec. 3-Jan. 28
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Merritt Martin
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