Tough Glove

Oh, how we hate Rocky. Not the story, the acting or even ol' Sly. No, our beef is with those fight scenes. If ever a young Texan needed inspiration for his fresh, sponge-like brain, the last place such education should come from is an underdog Italian who beats the odds, trumps the bully and gets the girl. In sixth grade, our training regimen of Rocky I-IV, fifth place in the jump rope competition and victory in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out seemed adequate to pull off our own Balboa on the local bully. Two shots to the gut and a shove into the bushes later, we weren't sure who became the Apollo Creed of the story, but we itched for a week and felt stupid for another three. Point being, we're world-weary and can at least pretend to understand the comeback facing local boxer Paulie Ayala. The former champ returns to the Fort Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston St., for his first match since losing his WBA title to Erik Morales last November. The bout, against Mexico's Edel Ruiz, on Friday may be Ayala's last hometown stop before leaving to climb the Vegas ladder. We wish him luck, but not ours. Tickets are $22 and up at 1-800-462-7900. --Sam Machkovech

Watch Your Step

The dogs who take their owners running along the Katy Trail keep getting smarter and smarter. When the trail opened four years ago, it was not uncommon to see little brown stains evenly spaced along the pavement as some unfortunate runner landed in a big pile of brown stuff and carried it along for a ride on the bottom of a shiny New Balance trainer. Worse was when a brown bicycle tire streak was spotted because hitting a bike tire is just like hitting the proverbial fan, only in the vertical direction. Nowadays, the dogs have learned to curb themselves in the gravel, making a pleasant jogging experience for everyone except those who insist on running in the dirt. So if your dog enjoys taking you running, then he or she should get you to sign up for the third annual Lickity-Split 5K Fun Run & Walk and help out other dogs that aren't as fortunate. The event features various pet contests, awards and music by King Creole, plus proceeds benefit Dog and Kitty City, the Humane Society of Dallas' no-kill animal shelter. It's Saturday at 8 a.m. at Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple Ave. Entry is $20. Call 214-855-7600 or visit --Jay Webb

The Whole Truth

For all the area wrestle-o-philes who want to give Mr. Stone Cold Steve Austin a "hell yeah" up close and personal, Borders Books & Music, 10720 Preston Road, is the place to be November 15 at 3 p.m. Austin will be available to discuss and sign copies of his new book The Stone Cold Truth. Please remember, fair patrons, chair smashing, pile driving and other random acts of wrestling-themed violence are strictly prohibited on store property. Save that stuff for the living room. Call 214-363-1977. --Mary Monigold

One Big To-Go Cup

Because hockey, motorcycles, big dogs and poker aren't macho enough on their own, the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas presents Cruise with the Stanley Cup at the 2003 Biker Bash and Poker Run, a nonprofit charity event. On November 16, local bikers will join former Dallas Stars players for a Great Gambling Adventure with The Cup in tow. Registration starts at 11 a.m. at the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Frisco, 2601 Avenue of the Stars, and is $20 per bike. Call 972-503-GALT. --Mary Monigold

Ring of Fire
WWE wants to Triple the action

My life has been awfully dark lately. The reason: It's been a good while since I've regularly watched professional wrestling. You have to understand, I used to live for that shit. There was a time when I'd plan my nights around it--I have no life--but over the past few months I kinda got away from it. I know, I know, it's sad. Some of the story lines rubbed me the wrong way (like the necrophilia bit), and I just couldn't stomach the idea of Triple H holding on to the championship belt one day longer. We all just hate that Triple H around here. So I stopped watching. It hurt me. Really, it did. Ah, but where there was darkness, now there is light. The WWE has been overhauled lately. Out is the sex-with-dead-people shtick, out is Triple H (his belt was taken by Goldberg) and in are a bunch of high-flying, up-and-coming wrestlers and a horde of girls who can't keep their clothes on. Now that's entertainment. The best part? The WWE will showcase it all right here in Dallas when it puts on Survivor Series on November 16 at the American Airlines Center. There will be two five-on-five matches, including a loser-gets-fired matchup. That's old-school, and we love old-school here at the Dallas Observer. There will also be an ambulance match and a buried-alive match. I'm not making that up. Tickets range from $25 to $300. Call 214-373-8000. Oh, and root for Goldberg in the main event. He has a rematch with Triple H for the world championship. I don't like Goldberg much, but you already know how I feel about that Triple H. --John Gonzalez

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