Watch Dallas Actor Paul Taylor as Pinhead in the New Trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment

Actor Paul Taylor said his opportunity to take on the role of horror movie icon Pinhead in the 10th Hellraiser movie was "the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in my life." Now he's passed a milestone that probably tops it: seeing himself as Pinhead on screen for the first time.

The new movie, Hellraiser: Judgment, released its first trailer on the web this week. Lionsgate will release the film on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital platforms Feb. 13.

This time, the story is told from the point of view of two police detectives who are trying to track down a deadly serial killer and unearth Pinhead's story and a new character known only as The Auditor.

It's a totally new Hellraiser plot, but it has just as much blood and gore as the original films, if not more. Taylor says he flipped when he saw the trailer Wednesday, and he's encouraged by fans' reactions so far.

"I'm totally thrilled with the trailer," Taylor says. "I've waited almost two years to see it, and it's very well done. Seeing myself as Pinhead is the coolest thing I've ever experienced in my career. I'm stoked about the movie, which can be preordered on Blu-ray. And the reaction to the trailer by the fans has been surprisingly positive. I think many of them have been won over by it."

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