Treasure Hunt: Fun Vintage Finds From Lula B's

Let's face it, Lula B's is Dallas' mecca for living room necessities. They've got all the basics covered, from a suspended round TV to a '70s disco light that flashes to the beat of the stereo it's connected to. While wandering the aisles of Lula B's West on a lazy Saturday, we discovered some chichi, but totally essential living room decor, and couldn't resist sharing our finds with our radtacular Mixmaster friends.

The first relic we stumbled across was a New Wave clock ashtray. Need to know the time and ash your cigarette all at once? No prob. The piece of '80s pop culture comes with a $15 price tag.

The second discovery was a "Funky 1960s inflatable ottoman with flowers." It kind of resembled a weird Jell-O mold with roses in it, but was comfy. Any feet would be lucky to rest on such an aberrant treasure.

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