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Treat Yo Self to Free Art and Decadent Bites at Third Friday Art Crawl

I tend to be an open book, but like almost any woman, I've got a few secrets. Hell, no one looks this good on an average of four hours of sleep and 500 milligrams of caffeine without a trick or two. Among my favorites:

  • A little silver liner in the corner the eyes (detracts from the bloodshot)
  • Always carry a clean pair of skivvies
  • Anything can be dressed up by rocking a pair of hawt heels

But, thoughtless consumerism be damned; it's about getting more bang for your buck - and, yes, I already regret phrasing it that way. When I comes to staying stocked with stilettos, I'm all for cleaning out a local Target store.

Well, Target has made it even easier for independent ladies (and art lovers of all stripes) to have a great, fiscally responsible time this weekend. Hey, man. That's just more dough we can drop on local artists.

With Target as a heavyweight sponsor in their corner, the Nasher is able to offer free admission to their 'Til Midnight programming all summer - and since you'll be partying after sundown, there will be no worry of pesky UV overexposure in our beloved garden. Late Nights at the DMA is also half off tonight, and the Crow Collection After Dark is always free, baby!

Uh, but wait there's more. Third Friday of the month, yo. That means crawling from museum to museum with a little sugar in the middle. Art Crawl brings you an outside block party on Flora with decadent bites from local food trucks and the smooth stylings of 19 year old blues prodigy, Hunter Hendrickson. And, since you're flush with cash, support small businesses and give back by dropping a little on handmade goods by Dallas artisans.

So, you know what you should do tonight?

Exactly. Get your hot heels and meet us between Olive and Pearl between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m.

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Brentney Hamilton