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Troma Overlord Lloyd Kaufman Will Speak and Screen Films at the Texas Theatre on Sunday

The man who gifted the world with splatter-soaked classics like Surf Nazis Must Die, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and The Toxic Avenger isn't just bringing back one of his most classic franchises. He's also bringing it to the Texas Theatre.

The Oak Cliff movie house announced that Troma founder and director Lloyd Kaufman will appear live on stage at the theater at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, when he will also screen the first of two movies in his Return to Nuke 'Em High series.

If you're not familiar with Kaufman's work or the films of Troma Entertainment, don't watch any of their films before Sunday or tell anyone to explain to you exactly what it is that they do. Troma's legions of fans live to watch unsuspecting film goers' reactions as the film sprays them with an uncomfortable feeling of filth and gleeful gore that they'll never be able to wash off after an endless series of emotional showers.

It's like those commercials for films like the Paranormal Activity and Jackass movies, where night vision cameras record the audiences' reactions to the films, except you don't have to sit through another Jackass or Paranormal Activity.

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