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"True Stories: Behind the Music" Wants to Absolve Your Sins, Do Shots

Twin Shadow's touring in support of his 2012 release Confess, but for this go he's doing things a little differently by bringing his dad along. The pair will collaborate, telling different real-life stories at each stop, including the Granada on June 24.

That got us thinking: "Hey, we like awkward overshares. And parties."

Fast forward to Sundown at Granada on Tuesday, June 11: Mixmaster; the Granada; Dallas' storytelling squadron, Oral Fixation; and local musicians will combine powers to present TRUE STORIES: Behind the Music, a free evening of sordid real-life confessions, soaked in booze and possibly lit on fire.

Oral Fixation brings four polished rock 'n' roll tales to the the rooftop lounge starting at 8 p.m., so you'll see how the pros do it. Then things will get rowdier as we pull musicians from local bands on stage, give 'em a microphone and several shots of whiskey, and let 'em confess their strangest, funniest or most uncomfortable moments from life on tour. When all sins have been absolved, we'll drink more, then read anonymous admissions of guilt that were phoned in by -- well, you.

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Yep. The Granada has set up a hotline/voicemail/judgement-free-confessional, so you can share your juiciest secrets without being outed, publicly. Just call 214-814-5033 and tell your story. You can even text it in. We'll keep everyone's identities superhero safe.

The Granada's giving away Twin Shadow prize packs (one goes to a lucky audience member) and the Observer will rifle through its top-shelf treasure chest for more goodies to dole out. Drinks are cheap too, with $3 domestics and wells all night. Arrive early: This party's going to be at capacity.

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