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Try Our Walking Dead Drinking Game. It Pairs Nicely with Zombie Attacks.

What are we to do without the nail-biting, stress-inducing, emotional roller coaster of Breaking Bad? Why, tune into the flesh-biting, stress-inducing, emotional rollercoaster of Walking Dead, of course. Walter White meet Rick Grimes. He's not afraid to cry. And we drink to that. In fact, we drink to everything.

We stopped just short of creating our own cocktail in celebration of Sunday's season four premiere of Walking Dead and turned the event into a drinking game per usual. Would you expect any less? Play it in the comfort of your home or at the Angelika Film Center every Sunday night. Screenings start at 8 PM, and seating begins at 7 PM. Admission is free.

So, let's get on with it. Here we go...

Drink anytime you hear a southern rock song in the background.

• When someone "turns," take shots equal to the number of seasons that character has been on the show.

Slam a PBR every time Daryl shoots his crossbow. Then swoon.

Two drinks every time a walker approaches unnoticed from behind. Clearly, the sounds of grunting and dragging feet become white noise after a few seasons bashing brains.

• Ever wonder who looks at a baby and says, "Let's call him Carl?" Yeah, me too. Drink every time Carl gets lost or separated from the group. Keep drinking until he's back with the group.

Drink every time the camera lens gets sprayed with blood. It's okay if you spill.

Drink if Daryl is the most Zen person on screen. Namaste, y'all.

One drink if Glenn saves the day. Two drinks if Rick gets credit.

Drink if somebody loses a limb.

Drink every time a fight scene goes down or someone gets killed in slow motion.

Drink every time you feel weird about Carol and Daryl's friendship. Drink again if you never noticed their names rhyme.

• Geek, walker, biter, lame brain. Drink every time you hear a new name for zombie. It's OK. They don't have feelings.

• Pick a character at the beginning of the night. You are now this character. If at any point you die, you have to go on a run to buy more booze for the group. Sorry dude. That's how the game works. You might need to call a taxi.

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Alicia Auping
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