Tuesday Night Trash at Texas Theatre Has New Creative Control, Fewer Tuesdays

Tuesday Night Trash, we salute you.

The Observer awarded Tuesday Night Trash Best Cheap Date in 2012, so we're all a little (read: very) crushed to see it go. The program was a free, weekly adventure into the depths of poor taste, think video's equivalent to those freaky 10-foot worms that thrive around thermal oceanic vents.

Basically, it was perfect.

Texas Theatre's Jason Reimer says not to worry. Yes, the program's creator and curator, Travis Box is leaving for schedule-conflict reasons, but the program will live on.

It's being restructured into a monthly series where it will be paired with the venue's Record Club meet-up. Also, the content will now be steered by Aviation Cinema's Barak Epstein and Reimer himself, who plan to present more "classic trash" films in 35 mm. (Next month, for example, they're securing a copy of Garbage Pail Kids.)

Reimer's quick to point out that they're keeping Box's seat warm for future collaborations -- especially since nobody else could tread through cinematic sewage for as long as he did. "No one can replace the knowledge he has for that type of film," says Jason.

We'll soon know more about the other restructuring in the works at Texas Theatre. If you've visited the website recently, or driven by the space early in the week, you've notice the venue has condensed into a Thursday through Sunday format. Reimer hints to a master plan for 2013 that will be sent out later today. We'll let you know as we find out more.

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