Under The Sea

If I were a cow, purely metaphorically speaking, I would have my head strategically placed through the barbed-wire fence, straining my neck and suffering a puncture wound to reach the patch of green grass on the other side. Even with a similar patch just 100 yards back on my side of the fence, I'd be sure the one on the other side would be sweeter--I'm just that smart. Ariel...um, I mean, Pearl, the star of The Little Mermaid, is genius to get in cahoots with the Sea Witch to learn just how tasty the grass (seaweed, in her case, I suppose) is. Oh, the lessons Pearl will learn out of the water in Theatre Arlington's (305 W. Main St.) stage performance of the tale. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, with 2 p.m. matinees Saturdays and Sundays through November 16. Tickets are $10. Visit theatrearlington.org for more info.
Fridays, Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.; Saturdays, Sundays, 2 p.m. Starts: Nov. 7. Continues through Nov. 16, 2008
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Courtney Clenney