Underwater Art Show

I can totally understand the fascination people have with the mermaid and octopus. Sure, the mythical fish-chick and the eight-limbed sea beast have been popular figures in art and literature for ages longer since I've been alive, but I was marked with an interest in them at a young age thanks to film--namely, the films Splash and Popeye. Granted, one made me want to be a mermaid and the other made me want to run screaming and never enter the ocean past where I could see my feet, but I would still classify both feelings as "interest." But that's just me. Katrina Doran curated Exquisite Creatures: The Mermaid and Octopus Show at the Bath House Cultural Center (521 E. Lawther Drive) allowing many artists to examine symbolism, mythology and, um, interest in the creatures through their own media. Check it out Tuesdays through Saturdays through June 6. Call 214-670-8749 or visit bathhousecultural.com.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: May 9. Continues through June 6, 2009
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Merritt Martin
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