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Update: The Two Macaws That Blew Away Yesterday Have Been Found

*** Update: Park officials recieved a call just after noon from a family in the East Dallas neighborhood of Little Forest Hills. Two parrots were perched in a tree in the back yard. Bird handlers were immediately sent out and have confirmed that these are the missing 13-year old macaws, Curly and Joe. They're being reunited with their fellow co-workers. Original post follows below

Summer Adventures in Fair Park, the new seasonal State Fair offshoot, would like to know if you've seen any unusual parrot activity in the last 22 hours.

Yesterday's 20 mph wind gusts caused an unpredicted scene as two macaws were lifted away, mid-performance, during the one o'clock afternoon edition of Wings of Wonder. They are still at large.

The show's parent production is a State Fair of Texas staple, entertaining audiences from inside the bandshell each fall. But for this smaller, summer edition, the abbreviated cast of roughly 50 birds was relocated to a new spot in the park, spokeswoman Sally Wamre says. In only its third weekend open, Wamre says the birds were still adjusting to changes in wind patterns while learning the lay of the land.

"They were trying to make their way from Point A to Point B and the wind caught them, " says Wamre, "carried 'em away."

The two Green-Winged Macaws, named Moe and Curly, have been on the lam ever since. Park staff asks that anyone who encounters the pair call the main office at 214-421-8715 or Wamre on her cell phone 214-686-3593. They are believed to be near or in the Fair Park area.

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