USA Film Fest 2013 Includes They Live and a Dublin Dr Pepper Documentary

Things have been quiet on the USA Film Festival's website, which begins its 43rd installment next week on April 24. Just as we were starting to forget worry, the press announcement arrived in our inboxes. It seems we'll get a blend of old and new in this run, which crams 27 screenings into five, short days.

Lovers of weird have a rallying point with a special 25th anniversary airing of They Live, hosted by Meg Foster. (Which real fans saw last year during Texas Frightmare Weekend.) Dallas-grown favorite Amy Acker (Sironia, The Cabin in the Woods) will be around, introducing Josh Whedon's 2012 Much Ado About Nothing. And adding the fizz to our local pop is Bottled Up, a documentary by Drew Rist and Don Merritt that tells the tale of Dublin Dr Pepper, and how it went flat.

As a beekeeper, I'm excited to see More Than Honey which gets a free screening Saturday. The documentary by Swiss director Marcus Imhoof tries to solve to riddle of the decade: Where have all the bees gone? Lynn Shelton (Humpday, Your Sister's Sister) has a new one in Touchy Feely -- an unconventional story of a massage therapist (Rosemarie DeWitt) who develops an aversion to physical contact. Problematic? Almost certainly.

There's more. Check out the entire schedule here. Tickets are now on sale.

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